Valorant Comes to Consoles: A New Era for PS5 and Xbox Gamers

Valorant is set to make a significant leap from PC to consoles, with Riot Games announcing its release on PS5 and Xbox platforms. The tactical shooter, known for its strategic gameplay and competitive edge, is gearing up to captivate a new audience of console gamers.

Riot says the console versions of Valorant feature “custom-built gameplay” and that crossplay between console and PC will not be available for competitive reasons. That said, the game will support cross-progression if you choose to play on both PC and console, meaning your skins and progression will carry over between platforms.

At the Summer Games Fest, Riot Games announced that Valorant is finally coming to consoles, with a limited beta set to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next week.

A Major Milestone for Valorant

Since its debut in 2020, Valorant has established itself as a cornerstone of the competitive gaming community. Riot Games’ decision to expand to consoles marks a pivotal moment in the game’s history. Players on PS5 and Xbox can expect the same high-stakes gameplay that PC users have enjoyed, complete with precise gunplay, unique agent abilities, and a robust ranked system.

The transition to consoles is not just about broadening the game’s reach but also about maintaining the integrity and competitiveness that Valorant is known for. Riot Games has assured fans that the console version will be optimized to ensure smooth and responsive gameplay.

The announcement was made on stage by Valorant executive producer Andy Ho and production director Arnar Gylfason, who revealed that Valorant has been ported over to consoles while still keeping the core of the game the same as its PC counterpart.

Valorant Fans Reactions and Expectations

The announcement has sparked a wave of excitement across the gaming community. Many players are eager to see how Valorant will perform on consoles and how it will affect the game’s competitive scene. Console gamers who have been watching the PC community thrive are particularly enthusiastic about getting their hands on the game.

However, with this excitement comes high expectations. The Valorant community is known for its dedication and passion, and they will be scrutinizing the console version closely. Riot Games’ commitment to delivering a top-quality experience on PS5 and Xbox will be crucial in meeting these expectations.

Beta Testing start date

The Valorant console beta starts on June 14, 2024. The developer has yet to reveal how long it will run for, and whether or not there will be a downtime between the closed beta and official release.

Currently beta for the console version of Valorant will be available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan. It’ll be playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Company also said that it could roll out to other regions around the globe shortly after this run ends.